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The Journal Of Dr. Robert Chase

Us Wombats, We Bite.

Robert Chase, M.D.
'lo. I'm Robert Chase, and I'm a specialized doctor as well as a intensivist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in Princeton, New Jersey. I'm originally from Australia, though I'm sure others would say differently...

*glares at House*

I'm not British!


Anyhow, because I recently made a move from Diagnostics over to NICU, the cases have been less intense compared to before, though I'm enjoying it all just the same. I'm still helping people, just...well, littler people.


The reasoning behind setting up a journal for myself was to simply record any thoughts or feelings on stuff that is going on in my life. Whether it be work related, or otherwise. I figuared that if I had a place to vent, all the pent up frustrations and such won't cloud my judgement on the job.