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Robert Chase, M.D.
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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

Rough day.

I really don't want to get in to it.

Anyone up for a drink or two or a dozen after work?

First round is on me I suppose, if it'll per sway any of you to come along.

Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

This case dry spell is driving me nuts...

...and It doesn’t help that I’ve run out of crossword puzzles.

So, I’ve been spending the majority of my time either in the Clinic doing hours, helping out around the NICU, playing air hockey with the guys from maternity in the staff rec room, filling out the enormous pile of overdue paper work belonging to the manipulative bastard as Foreman calls him our fearless leader, keeping this blog-type-thing up to date, and on really, REALLY slow days…look at Internet porn playing House’s bitch “wombat” and running all his errands for him, and not just work related stuff either.


The feeling of being happy that no patients are sick enough to need our help and wanting an interesting case to come up is conflicting, not to mention confusing.

Any of you ever get that feeling?

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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

I heard this great joke today from one of the Doctors in Radiology. We were eating lunch in the Cafe, and rather bored. Thought I'd share it, since it was rather amusing.

A panicy man is waiting in a clinic exam room for a Doctor. After a few moments, the Doctor enters and asks what the problem was. The man pulls down his pants, whips out his penis and shows the Doctor that its completely orange. The Doctor examines the penis and then straightens back up again. The man eyes the Doctor as if to say 'So?'. The Doctor replys, "My suggestion ,sir? Stop eating Cheetos while watching porn."

Side note: I need to stop chewing on pencils. I keep getting splinters on my tongue.

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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

Okay, this purhaps might come across a little cliche...

...but I like these two particular songs. I see nothing wrong with havin' a little Aussie pride every now and again.

-raises random 'activist-like' fist in the air-

This 'Wombat' has rythem, among other attractive and likeable qualities.

-grins sexily-

Here we go.

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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

These trials only test your faith to see whether or not it is strong and pure. Your faith is being tested as fire tests gold and purifies it.

As I had said once before, that was purhaps my favourite passage from my days in seminary school. I personally feel that all of the patients at the Hospital can some how relate to that passage, or at least...I'd like to think so. They have to have something positive to relate to/think about/keep in mind, when being treated for sometimes deathly illnesses. Both them, and their families.

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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

House and I have a bet going.

…wouldn’t be the first time…

Though we both agreed that neither of us would actually tell anyone the guidelines of the bet, I can only assure all of you reading this that if I win (and I believe I will), I’ll make sure that House never lives it down. It’ll be hanging over his head every time he wants to attempt another crack at me.

No more Mr. Nice Wombat, mwahahaha! I suddenly feel like one of those James Bond villains or something, heh. Got an accent and everything.

Also, he invited me to play poker with him on Saturday, which I’ll accept only because I could use the money. As I said to him, I’m an Aussie. We’re known for drinking, gambling, and being big outdoorsmen. Hopefully he’s up for the challenge.

Just no one tell Wilson about the poker thing, he’ll have a fit!

I’m sorry if I’m coming off all ‘cock of the walk’, but if I don’t he’ll only smell my intimidation, or, er… lack there of.


-straightens up and tries to look all manly-

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Robert Chase, M.D. [userpic]

Just testing this thing out.

I don't use computers all that much, mostly just at home for video games, online banking, e-mail, eBay...


...but as for having an online journal? I can honestly say this is a first for me.

Its actually rather cool, though I'm still trying to figuar out how everything works. I'm sure I'll catch on sooner or later.


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